Thanks for stopping by and you will find updates on my current Wargaming projects, and games that have been involved in. I have been Wargaming since I was 13 ( which was sometime ago) and like most was heavily influenced by the wonderful work of the late Don Featherstone.

My main Wargaming period as always been WW2 and in particular the campaign in NW Europe 44 to 45. I have tried gaming it in other scales but came back to the one true scale of 20mm about 10 years or so ago and have not switched since...

Aside from Ww2, I have just about finished a British brigade in 28mm for a campaign at my local club. should give the club a plug at this point it is the Herts Volunteers and we meet in Bishop' Stortford in Hertfordshire.

I also game Napleonics and despite having a reasonably large 15 mm French army have just started raising forces in 28mm.

I am lucky enough to have a table at home along with a painting space and will be posting plenty of photos as I go.

I am also a keen board gamer and a big fan of World in Flames, but play other strategic games when given the chance.

Feel free to ask questions about painting figures, rules or anything else Wargaming related.

Hopefully you will find something in these pages to inspire you to take up a hobby that has given me a lot of enjoyment and some great friends.

Should not finish without a quick thanks to my dear long suffering wife Jane and my son Harry who at a relatively young age is starting to show interest in following me into Wargaming...

All the best.


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Brandy wine part 2 re fight

Evening, Continuing with the AAR, in the centre the British engaged in a firefight with the rebels in an effort to demoralise them before using the bayonet to hopefully move them from their positions. Here Cornwallis command is starting to cause casualties on the rebels.
In the centre the Rebels repulsed the British lights and made the Guard wobble before they managed to turn the tide. Here are the lights running into stout defence.
Back on the British left, lead by the Hessians the British were starting to gain the upper hand.
The Brit evicted the Rebels from the wood but again not without a protracted fight.
The success on the left along with the Guard turning the tables on rebels lead to the collapse of the U.S. centre despite Washington personally intervening.
With this the Rebels knew the gig was up and retreated from the field. This leaves our campaign score interestingly poised at 2 battles each though the Brits are claiming to be ahead on points having broken 10 rebel units at Brandywine....